Colored Bohemian crystal chandeliers

Merry Crystal was born since twenty years ago. Valérie wants to dusting the classic crystal lightings to offer them a new life in the world of the interior design. She starts a work of a great diversion when the Bohemian crystal dresses with opéra red , powdery pink, apple green …
Her work lies in the field of « sur mesure » products. She feeds the glamour of old treasures, childish emotions and little luxurious pleasures to give us a world of enchantment. A must of the Haute Couture Decoration for decorators and interior designers in Paris, London, Tokyo, Moscow or Bahrain.


Merry Crystal©
Octopus V3P5
Merry Crystal©
Opéra V1V2
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Merry Crystal©
Merry Crystal©
Chantilly B1P6
Merry Crystal©
Rococo P6B5
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Mini P2R1
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Eugénie R1
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Rosalie R1
Merry Crystal©
Octopus R4P1
Merry Crystal©
Octopus P5
Merry Crystal©
Rococo P1R4J2



Sur mesure

Merry Crystal chandeliers are made of Bohemian crystal. Each piece is made « on order » to suit your project whether you are interior designers, architects or private public.


You have a chandelier found in a flea market or recovered from your grandparents? Your dream is an original lighting, you are not a manual, Merry Crystal makeover your  Vintage crystal chandeliers.

Color chart

Here is an overview of the basic colors used to make Merry Crystal chandeliers. We can of course create new ones to match them with fabrics, sofas, wall hangings, wallpapers …


Valérie Arboireau lives and works in Nice (France). Since 1998, her brand « Merry Crystal » represents a bridge between high-end decoration and contemporary Art. Originally, « a dirty kid » that tagged the codes of the bourgeoisie by painting traditional crystal chandeliers in colors of childhood. Today, an artist who dresses Bohemian chandeliers with flowers and pearl necklaces. With a visible happiness and a disarming sincerity, Valerie seizes our feelings and our experience. Often copied, never equaled, Valérie Arboireau recycles our memories in lasting emotions by a meticulous work, handmade and unique!


presse Merry Crystal©
presse Merry Crystal©


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